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Andrea Ingenito Contemporary Art

About Us

The Modern and Contemporary Art Gallery  AICA | Andrea Ingenito Contemporary Art is a little gem located near the prestigious Piazza dei Martiri, that has always been a reference point of the most important and historical Neapolitan galleries and, besides, an historic meeting place for international artists  as Keith Haring , Andy Warhol and Joseph Beuys.

From June 2013 AICA | Andrea Ingenito Contemporary Art has opened a second expositive area in Milan in the district Ventura Lambrate, that is famous for the presence of some of the best known Italian galleries.

The gallery was born from more than ten years experience of its founder, Andrea Ingenito, and it interprets his spirit completely: dynamism, quality, professionalism and continuous artistic research.

AICA assembles in a perfect way the prestige of a shows place and the energy of artistic explorations through the many activities, such as institutional exhibitions, international fairs and shows online, exhibitions of the most important artists from the twentieth century  to this day, and socio-cultural initiatives.

The purpose is to consolidate its role as a reliable reference for artists and collectors around the world. Conscious of the current times we steadily believe that the world economy crisis, if good interpreted, can become a great opportunity for growth!